Sate Ayam Madura (Maduranese Chicken Satay)

One of well known Indonesian food 🙂 and also one of my favorites. And why we call it Sate Ayam Madura? It’s because the seller of sate ayam are usually comes from Madura, it’s a little island north of Java island. That island is also happens to be where the grandparents from my father side came from. But boy I’m glad my father wasn’t a sate seller 😀 hihihi…

Sate Ayam Madura

For 2-3 persons

– Chicken meat from 1 thigh (as it is more juicier) , cubed and arrange in sate skewers
– Kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
– Shallots diced
– Bird’s eye chili minced
– Kaffir lime
– Lontong (pressed rice)

– Take some peanut sauce and thin it little bit with kecap manis.
– Dip the sate in the peanut sauce until all cover with the sauce.
– Grill until sate is done.
– Serve with peanut sauce, diced shallots, minced bird’s eye chili, lontong (pressed rice).
– Squeeze kaffir lime over the sate.

Peanut sauce:
– 200gr fried peanuts grind in a food processor
– 3 garlic
– 1 red chili
– 3 candlenuts
– Kecap manis
– Salt
– Some oil
– Water

– Grind garlic, candlenuts and red chili until smooth.
– Fry oil in a pan, fry spice mix until fragrant.
– Put the grind peanut in a pan, add water, salt and spice mix.
– Continue cooking until sauce is smooth, adjust water to get the consistency of your liking.
– Add kecap manis.

Source: My father

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