Nasi Ayam Bali

Couple of weeks ago I had a chat with Eni, and since both of us are from Bali we were craving something Balinese. So in order to satisfy our craving we gathered our friends to cook together. The dish that we chose to make was Nasi Ayam Bali, it’s sort of mixed rice but of course Balinese style.

Our Nasi Ayam Bali consist of:
– Nasi Putih (Steamed White Rice)
– Lawar Ayam (Green Bean Salad with Chicken)
– Sate Ayam Manis (Sweet Chicken Satay)
– Ayam Pelalah (Shredded Chickenwith Chillies and Lime)
– Tum Ayam (Steamed Chicken)
– Sambal Matah (Shallot and Lemongrass Sambal)
– Telor Pindang (Egg Boiled in Shallots Skin)
– Saur (Fried Shredded Coconut)
– Kacang Goreng (Fried Peanut)
– Krupuk Kulit (Dried Cow Skin Cracker)

Here are some of the recipes

Lawar Ayam

3 cups blanched long bean cut in ½ cm slices
½ cups grated coconut, roasted
6 clove garlic, peeled, sliced and fried
6 – 8 shallots, peeled, sliced and fried
2 large red chilies, seeded and cut in fine strips
4 – 6 bird’s-eye chilies, finely sliced
3 tsp fried chili
2 tbsp chicken spice paste
Fried shallots to garnish

250g boneless chicken, minced
2tbsp chicken spice paste
1tsp freshly squeezed limejuice
1tsp salt
½tsp black peppercorns, crushed
Banana leaf cut in 30 cm (12 in) square (we didn’t use this)

Combine beans, coconut, garlic, shallots, all the chilies and chicken spice paste in a large bowl and mix well.

To prepare the dressing, combine chicken mince with 2 tbsp of chicken spice paste and mix well. Place minced chicken lengthwise in center of banana leaf and roll up very tightly. Place banana leaf roll on aluminum foil and roll up again very tightly. Turn sides simultaneously in opposite directions to tighten the roll. Steam roll for 20 minutes. Remove aluminum foil and banana leaf; break up with fork to its original minced form. (We didn’t do this step but instead stir fry the chicken with the spice paste in a pan until chicken is done)

Combine mince chicken with bean mixture; season to taste with salt pepper and limejuice. Garnish with crispy fried shallot.


Sate Ayam Manis (Sweet Chicken Satay)

– 500 gr chicken cubed
– 8 shallots
– 4 garlic
– 1 cm ginger
– 1 cm turmeric
– 2 red chillies
– 2 bird’s eye chillies
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 3 tbs palm sugar (or more depending on your sweetness taste bud)
– Sate sticks

– Mix all the
spices in a food processor or manually with a pestle and mortar.

– Marinade the chicken pieces in the spices for at least an hour.
– Arrange the chicken pieces in the sticks.
– Grill until chicken is done.

Source: My mother

Ayam Pelalah (Shredded Chicken with Chillies and Lime)

1 whole chicken, weighing about 1.2 kg (2 ½ lb) (we used 500 gr boiled chicken meat, stripped)
1 cup chicken spice paste
½ cup tomato sambal
3 tbsp freshly squeezed limejuice

1. Rub the chicken outside and inside with the spice paste, and season with salt and crushed black pepper.
2. Place on wire rack in oven and roast first at 220 Celsius (420 F) for 20 min, then reduce heat to 180 Celsius (350 F) and roast until done. Frequently baste chicken with a mixture of coconut oil and chicken spice paste.
3. When cool, remove and discard the skin. Remove meat from bones and shred by hand into fine strips.
4. Combine chicken stripes with remaining ingredients. Mix well and season to taste. Serve at room temperature with steamed rice.

We didn’t follow the same directions as the source but instead:
– Fry the chicken stripes in a little oil with the spice paste until chicken is dry and done.
– Pour the lime juice all over the chicken.


We supposed to steam this dish in an indivudually wrapped in banana leaves but because we were too lazy we put it in a one bowl and popped it in the oven.

Tum Ayam dan Hati Ayam (Steamed Chicken and Liver)

– 1 shallots, thinly sliced fried
– 1 garlic thinly sliced fried
– 500 gr chicken pieces and liver
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 1/2 cup chicken spice paste

– Mix all ingredients into one and put in a oven safe bowl.
– Oven for 40 minutes in 200 celcius.

Source: The chicken spice paste is from

Sambel Matah


15 shallots, peeled, cut in half and finely sliced
4 cloves garlic, cut in half & sliced
15 small sliced chilies
5 lemon leaves (daun limau) chopped very fine
1 tsp roasted shrimp cake (terasi), finely grated
4 stalks lemon grass, bruised and very finely sliced
1 tsp salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp freshly squeezed limejuice
80 ml coconut oil

1. Combine above ingredients in deep bowl and mix well for 5 minutes.
2. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Note: If you sauté finished sauce for two minutes over medium heat will enhance the beautiful flavor of this delicate sauce.

Basic Recipes:

Base Be Siap (Chicken Spice Paste)

225 gr shallots, peeled
125 gr cloves garlic, peeled
50 gr kencur root, peeled and chopped
60 gr laos, peeled and chopped
100 gr candlenuts
125 gr fresh turmeric, peeled & chopped
50 gr bird’s eye chilies, finely sliced
50 gr chopped palm sugar
150 ml coconut oil
2 stalks lemon grass, bruised
3 salam leaves
250 ml water
¾ tbsp salt

Grind all ingredients except lemon grass, salam leaves and water, coarsely in food processor. Place in heavy sauce pan, add all remaining ingredients and cook over medium heat for approximately 60 minutes or until water is evaporated and marinade changes to golden color.

Cool before using.

Sambal Tomat (Tomato Sambal)


750 gr large chili, seeded and chopped
750 gr bird’s eye chili, whole
1½ kg tomato, Skinned, wedged and seeded
200 gr garlic, peeled and sliced
400 gr shallot, peeled and sliced
50 gr dried shrimp paste, roasted
100 gr palm sugar, chopped
4 ea lemon juice
400 ml coconut oil
1 tbsp salt

Heat oil in heavy saucepan, add shallots and garlic and sauté until golden, add chilies and continue to sauté until chilies are soft. Add palm sugar and shrimp paste and continue to sauté until sugar caramelizes. Finally add tomatoes and continue to sauté until tomatoes are soft.

Set aside and cool. Grind in stone mortar and puree coarsely. Season to taste with salt and lemon juice.

PS: Make sure to cook all ingredients over high heat while continuously mixing. This will preserve nice red color.


And here we are, l to r in the back; Yeni, Me, Putu, Eni, Adela. L to r in the front; Hesti, Lusi.

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