(MasBar) Telor Balado (Indonesian Eggs in Hot Chili Sambal Sauce)

In our home, we always stock on eggs. It’s cheap yet it can make such satisfying meal, plus it’s full of nutrition. So there I rest my case. Wondering maybe those are also the reasons why we voted on eggs this month.

For so many years I struggled to make the right tasting balado, I know it’s such a simple dish but somehow for me it was not easy to master. One day it would be too dry, other day it would be just plain BAH. Until one day sometime last year my parent showed me how to make it the right way. I also made sure again by smsing my mother prior to the making of this one. You might laugh now on how much effort I have made for such a simple dish >.<

In a way this dish also reminds me of my father who was a great home cook. Bapak, I hope you rest in peace over there. We surely miss you and your cooking.

Telor Balado


– 10 hard boiled eggs, slit in some parts then fried until it formed brown skin

– 7 red chili (depending on your taste buds)

– 5 shallots

– 3 garlic

– 2 bird’s eye chili (depending on your taste buds)

– 4 kaffir lime leaves, remove the centre part

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1 tsp sugar

– 2 tbsp vegetable oil

– Around 100ml of water


– Pound spices until smooth except  salt, sugar and kaffir lime leaves.

– Heat the oil, add spices, salt, sugar and kaffir lime leaves, continue stirring until the spices is done.

– Adjust the taste according to your liking, put the fire lower.

– Add the water into the spices, let it boil, add fried boiled eggs.

– Serve with steamed white rice.

Telor Balado

Source: My parents

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