(Masbar) Sate Ayam Manis (Indonesian Sweet Chicken Satay)

I always like sate, ok on the second thought which Indonesian food that I don’t like? And this month’s theme of masbar is sate, hmm my mouth watered just thinking about all the sate that I could see from all this month’s participant.

I got this recipe from a book which was a present from Deetha. She lives in Semarang and my best friend Hesti is from Semarang too. So when Hesti went back home couple of months ago, she brought the book for me. Thank you Deetha for such a nice present, thank you Hesti for bringing the book ^_^

Sate Ayam Manis

– 500 gr chicken, cubed
– 100 ml kecap manis
– 2 tbs vegetable oil

Spice Paste:
– 5 gr tamarind
– 8 shallots
– 3 garlic
– 3 cm galangal
– 1/4 tsp cumin
– 1 tsp salt
– 1/2 tsp pepper
– 50 gr palm sugar, shredded
– 2 tsp coriander

– Pound spice paste ingredients with pestle and mortar or food processor until smooth.
– In a bowl mix together, spice paste, kecap manis, oil and cubed chicken then marinate for minimum 2 hours.
– Arrange the chicken on a sate skewers.
– Grill until done while brushing sate with the rest of the spice mix.

Source: Book of Bango 80 Warisan Kuliner Nusantara

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