Ayam Garo Rica (Manadonese Chicken in Chili and Hairy Basil Sauce)

Have you ever stopped by at Deetha’s blog? She has loads of Indonesian recipes I never knew about but really worth to try like this one.

Ayam Garo Rica

For 4 persons

– 1kg chicken pieces
– 250ml water
– 6tbs vegetable oil
– 10 kaffir lime leaves, discard the midrib
– 3 tomatoes, sliced (if possible green tomato)
– 4 lemongrass, take the white part and bruised
– 5 spring onion, sliced
– 50gr hairy basil leaves

For the smooth spice paste:
– 2 garlic
– 3cm ginger
– 3cm turmeric
– Salt

– Pound all the smooth spice paste ingredients into a smooth paste.

For the coarse spice paste:
– 200gr shallots
– 10 bird’s eye chili (more or less depending on your taste buds)

– Pound all the coarse spice paste ingredients into a coarse paste.

– Heat vegetable oil in a pan, add kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, stir until fragrant. Add smooth spice paste, stir continuously until spice paste is done.
– Add coarse spice paste, stir until fragrant, add tomatoes and spring onion, continue stirring.
– Add chicken pieces, stir until chicken has turn color. Add water, continue cooking until water has evaporated and chicken is cooked through.
– Add hairy basil leaves, stir until the leaves are stale. Ready to be served.

Source: Seri Masak Femina Primarasa – Inspirasi Usaha Boga through Deetha

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