Asian Stlye Lemon Chicken

Saw this recipe in Bunda’s Corner blog, found out that she also saw it on video jug. So I tried the recipe straight from there.

I have to say it was rather too lemony…too sour for my taste bud. Next time will reduce the amount of the lemon juice to half and omit the lemon zest. Maybe it will suit my taste buds better 🙂

– 1 egg beaten
– 1 tsp asian seasoning (don’t know what is this suppose to mean so I skipped this)
– 4 chicken breast (I used 500gr tv-stick, that’s what they call those small chicken thighs here)
– 65 gr cornstarch (I used ready made tepung bumbu)
– 45 ml chicken stock
– 90 ml lemon juice
– 1 big chili chopped
– 2 tbs soy sauce
– 1 tbs brown sugar (I used normal white sugar)
– 2 tsp lemon zest
– 3 tsp oil for frying the chicken (wow dikit amat buat goreng ayam segitu…so aku pake fryer aja)
– 1.5 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1 tbs water
– 2 tsp ginger minced
– 1 garlic minced
– 3 spring onions, sliced diagonally
– 1 tbs sesame seeds toasted (didn’t use it…kelewatan kakaka)
– handful fresh coriander chopped (idem ama diatas 😛 )

– Coat chicken with tepung bumbu and beaten egg, repeat this process twice if you want to get crispier coating.
– Fry the chicken until golden brown.
– Make the sauce. Combine chicken stock, lemon juice, soy sauce, sugar, lemon zest and chili. Mix vigourously.
– Heat oil and fry ginger, garlic for 30 seconds.
– Add lemon sauce let it until boil.
– Add cornstarch dissolved in water, mix nicely.
– Add fried chicken, stir fry for 2 minutes.
– Add spring onions, coriander and sesame seeds (if you are using it)
– Serve with warm rice.

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