150 pieces Sate Ayam Madura

Yesterday was a birthday party of two members of my host family, Vanessa the mother and Berend the son. She asked whether I could make sate ayam for the party. The people who were expected to come are approx 40 so we decided on making 150 pieces of sate. The last time I made sate was 40 pieces so I thought piece a cake.

We bought 8 double chicken fillet and 4 huge chicken thigh. Somehow I don’t really fancy sate made only from chicken fillet as they are tend to be too dry. Thigh on the other hand have some skins and fats on it which will make the sate juicy…hmm yummy.
After 2 hours finally I finished cutting them and put
them in neat sticks. pfiuh. After that I put them in marinade, the longer the better they say…so I put them overnight, hahaha.

The recipes for the marinade and sate sauce I got from resepnugraha. I really love their recipe. Have used it twice and always turned out really well.

At the party we served the sate with white rice, krupuk, fried onion, serundeng, kacang goreng, acar timun which I also made myself, and last French bread. Ok don’t ask me why, but that’s how Dutch people eat their sate, with French bread.

150 sate sticks gone in no time. People made lots of positive comments; who made them, they tasted really nice etc. I was so happy that it turned out really well. Three Hours of grilling in the balcony with 2 small electric grill together with my boyfriend was paid off.

Besides sate I also m
ade cupcakes as a gift for Vanessa and Berend. 12 cupcakes in the green and blue color match as Berend’s bedroom. I made or actually my boyfriend made an attempt to make pirate’s face on the cupcake as it is also Berend’s favorite. I also put some writing on the cupcakes. Tried to make Vanessa but the surface was too small or rather my writing was too big hahaha. So I only managed to write Vaness. The cupcakes result was very good seeing my ability to decorate hahaha. Thank you for Mbak Yulia and Cupcake Momma for the inspiration.

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