Cendol (Indonesian Tapioca Bubbles Drink)

I know that I haven’t written anything for a while. I’m doing neither the so-called hiatus nor that I lost my interest in blogging. I’m just busy with preparing the big day. Lots of things to be done, and I feel they are just endless, like a circle that got no end.

First time I made this drink, it was a BIG failure. The cendol mixture was too thick, then I consulted it with the owner of the recipe; my dear friend Lidia, she said try to add more water to the mixture. Then I tried her advice and voila it worked, and once I got the hang of making this, I have been making it lots of time now.

Maybe you would ask, why her recipe didn’t work with me, I once read somewhere (probably in Wikipedia) that water content varies from flour to flour. Depending on the brand, source of the flour etc.

Now let’s enjoy this late summer month with a nice cold glass of cendol.


To make bubbles:
– 1 package of hunkwe powder
– 70gr of rice flour
– 35gr of tapioka flour
– 4drops of pandan essence
– 200ml of water
– 400ml of boiling water (I used 600ml boiling water)
– 1Tbsp of sugar
– pinch of salt
– ice cubes and cold water in molding pot

To make coconut milk mix:
– 1can of coconut milk
– 100ml of water
– pinch of salt

To make sweetener:
– 2blocks of palm sugar
– 3Tbsp of brown sugar
– 180ml of water
– 4 pandan leaves

Optional adding:
– 1can of jackfruit in syrup, discard the syrup, cut into small pieces
– 1can of grass jelly, cut into small pieces (I didn’t use this)

– In a bowl, dissolve hunkwe powder, tapioka and rice flour, sugar and salt with water. Add pandan essence and mix it well until all color distributed evenly.
– Prepare the boiling water on stove. While boiling, add the flour mixture little by little and stir it instantly and continuously until thickening and boiling again. – Prepare the molding pot with ice cubes and cold water inside. Then pour the hot thick mixture and press it using a wooden laddle, so that the mixture will come out of the holes and form bubbles. The bubble which drops into cold water and ice cubes will harden and would not stick to each other. Do it until all done. Keep it aside.
– In a small pot, mix well coconut milk, water and salt. Bring it to boil. Put it aside.
– In a small pot, bring to boil water. Add pandan leaves. Then add palm sugar and stir it well until all dissolved. At last add brown sugar, stir it until all dissolve and wait until boiling again.
– To serve, in a glass, put some bubbles, jackfruits and grass jelly. Then add coconut milk and the palm sugar sweetener. Stir it well. Add some ice cubes as it is good to serve it cold.

Source: Lidia’s Blog

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