Winner of the Giveaways!

Remember this blogpost some times ago? Now its time to announce the winner. First I put numbers on the entries and used to pick out the lucky winners. Congrats to the winner and hopefully until next giveaways!

Winner for this pretty teaspoon set is Wulan from Yummy Mommy Diary.

The lucky one who gets to have this equally cute tea spoon is Nony from Te Onilie Flavour.

And Ria from Icip-Icip di Dapur is ready to make her kitchen looks prettier with this ceramic stickers.

Last but not least, Buncis from Buku Catatan Resep gets to win these two, blue oven mitt and tea towel.

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2 comments to Winner of the Giveaways!

  • Lanny

    huaaaaa..kenapa namaku gak muncul..*kurang kuat doanya nih*

  • thanks ya mbak Ruri, ternyata kali ini aku mendapatkan keberuntung dari si Lucky eh salah dari mbak Ruri hehehehe……walaupun dah lama kali nyampenya itu hadiah tapi belum telat kan kalo aku kasih komengnya sekarang :) soale udah lama tak berjalan2 dari blog ke blog nih, ternyata blog mbak Ruri udah semakin okeh sajah. LOve your pics mbak!

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